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Staff and Leadership

Our Ministry Leaders

Pastor John Groves

Pastor John is the lead pastor at First United Methodist Ministries. He has been serving the United Methodist Church for many years, but was appointed to serve in Pendleton and Ingalls in July of 2020. He has a passion for connecting with people and hearing their stories. He can frequently be found making kind hearted jokes and finding joy through laughter. He is married to Debbie and has twin adults sons, Aaron and Adam.

Pastor Susan Barrett

Associate Pastor Susan is one of our associate pastors with a focus on Youth and Family Ministries. Serving 23 years as Director of Children’s Ministries, in January of 2021, she was appointed Associate Pastor. She is inspired by children and youth and their enthusiasm to serve, grow in their faith, and desire to make the world a better place through their love for others. She is a lifetime resident of Pendleton and mother to Jennie, Chris, Maddie, Ella, and Conner.

Pastor Mary Cloud

Associate Pastor Mary Cloud is one of our associate pastors, serving as our Ingalls Campus Pastor. Having been part of First UMC for 19 years, she began her service as associate pastor in 2019. She is inspired by seeing people understand that grace and mercy of Jesus Christ are free to them and they are forgiven, no matter what! She enjoys seeing how folks continue to grow and change in their new life in Christ. She is married to Mike and they have three children and a granddaughter.

Our Office Staff

Donna Wood

Our Church Administrator, Donna, has served as church administrator for 22 years. Along with her regular duties, like maintaining records and running reports, you can also find her greeting preschool students and working with community organizations. She is most inspired by communicating and connecting with others and enjoyed helping those in need, treating them as Jesus would. She is married to Jim and has a daughter Lacey, who is married to Jordan. She is the proud grandmother to Rhett and Lynnlee.

Tammy McKean

Media Specialist, Tammy, handles our printed media at First United Methodist Church Ministries. She has been a lifetime member of the church and became a staff member in 2005, having served in several roles. She enjoyed putting an artistic perspective on her work. She is always a joy to talk to and can frequently be found sharing words of encouragement to those around her. She is the mother of two sons and a daughter, all who live very close to her.

Our Praise Team

Lamonte Kuskye

Lamonte is the Director of Music at First United Methodist Church Ministries. Serving in this role for over 30 years, he still makes beautiful music with the voice of the choir. His musical gifts and talents, paired with his ability to lead spiritually, bring out the best in people as he encourages them to sing from their hearts. He is a long time music educator in Central Indiana and can still be found imposing his gifts of music on students and adults alike.

Ryan Coyle

Ryan, our Praise Band Leader, has been a member for over 40 years. He is thankful to have been able to service in this role for the last 15 years. Having been involved with music of some type throughout his life, he feels blessed to continue to share those gifts with his church family as he continues to build on his leadership and faith. He is married to Jobi, who is also a long-time member, and they have three sons; Ty, Mac, and Brooks.

Reg Rodgers

Reg has served as pianist for over 20 years and the sounds of his piano music seem to get better and better each time he plays. He is a Professor of Music at a nearby college and has brought many talented musicians to share their musical talents over the years. It is always a joy to hear Reg and Shirley play a beautiful piano/organ duet!

Shirley Farr

Shirley has served as our organist for 64 years, beginning in April of 1957! If you have yet to hear her and Reg play, please join us on Sunday morning. She is most inspired by spending time with her family, including her church family. Being a part of several programs throughout the church, she very much enjoys being involved, especially with the music ministry. She was married to her late husband, Jerry, for 63 years.

Paula Simmons

Handbell Choir Director, Paula, began attending over 30 years ago. She has participated in the Christmas Choir Cantatas and has directed our Handbells for over 10 years. As a music educator in Elwood Community Schools for 46 years, her passion is serving as a role model for her students. She can often be found giving advice and positive encouragement to them. A lifetime resident of Elwood, she still enjoys teaching and interacting with her current and former students.